︎Pearl Slug Studio is an independent publishing house. Rooted in the Simplified Chinese and East Asian context, currently based in New York, Melbourne and Shanghai. Founded in 2020 by Guan Shaoshuang, Vanilla Chi, Mao Zhe and You Liang, Focusing on the visual arts and simplified Chinese writing, reflects on today's art historical, sociological, and aesthetic concepts.︎


✣ 管韶爽 Lily Guan

Guan Shaoshuang (Lily Guan) is a writer and curator living in China and Australia, and one of the founders of th "Pearl Slug" book studio. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2020 and is currently studying at the University of Melbour. Guan Shaoshuang's artis

tic practice mainly focuses on writing, collage, and artist books. She focuses on the visual cultural identity of women in East Asian culture, and research on independent publishing as a curatorial method.

✣ 池浩琳 Vanilla Chi

Vanilla Chi is an illustrator/Designer/ Indepedent Publisher. She was born in Shenzhen, graduated from the School of Visual Arts and now lives and works in New York City. Vanilla’s works have been published in The New York Times, The New Yorker, VICE, Bloomberg Businessweek, etc. She a member of the art book publishing studio "Pearl Slug" and the co-editor of Raging magazine.

✣ 酉良 You Liang

Youliang is a suspicious space lion who has lived a drifting life. Photography, installation and publications are her preferred mediums to approach art. She is a member of the collective Pearl Slug Studio and the founder of Raging

magazine. Youliang has attempted to touch and tell the journeys of migration and nomadism, the black hole of death, as well as mothers and childhood songs. Her work is a response to subconscious and collective memory, a living room for a tear that needs no explanation.

✣ 毛喆  Mao Zhe

Mao Zhe focuses on writing. Their writing are mainly short stories, poems and proses, and they also dabble in art criticism and research on literature, film and television, and media.They are the author of poetry collection "Hand Sweat Collection", short stories "A Full Circle", "The Vessel", "The Enemy" and so on. Mao Zhe's creations can be traced back to the background of Chinese rural culture, exploring the relationship between life and death, love and growth, self and others is an important core of their works.

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Raging Magazine是由珍珠鼻涕虫(Pearl Slug Studio)出版的双语独立艺术杂志,通过主题性的讨论展示不同领域艺术家与创作者的作品。Raging Magazine创刊于2020年11月25日,致力于为中国和全球南方的年轻艺术家提供一个通过艺术表达自我的平台。

Raging Magazine is a bilingual independent art magazine published by Pearl Slug Studio that show-cases artists' works in various media through themed discussions. Founded on November 25, 2020. Raging is dedicated to providing a platform for emerging artists from China and Global South to express themselves through art.



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